50 Shades of Shrew

If you’re in Los Angeles this month, it might be worth your while taking a trip to the Lounge Theatre in Santa Monica Boulevard, where the all-women theater company Broads’ Word is putting on an unusual production of The Taming of the Shrew as part of this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival:

With the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM is front and center in the public consciousness, but is still largely misunderstood.  Broads’ Word Theatre sets Shakespeare’s outdated Taming of the Shrew in a BDSM dungeon, where the all-female cast investigates the dynamics of power and submission with a modern fearlessness.

Kate (Jen Albert) is a submissive in search of a dom, Bianca (Tara Donovan) is a domme in search of a sub, and the teaser seems to promise that there will be lots of spankings…

It was even publicized on Twitter with members of the cast putting on their ‘spank face’. So now we know what various pretty LA actresses think they’d look like when being spanked! Lisagaye Tomlinson:

50 Shades Shrew spank face Lisagaye Tomlinson

Maikiko James:

50 Shades Shrew spank face Maikiko James

Marian Gonzalez:

50 Shades Shrew spank face Marian Gonzalez

And the co-deviser of the show, who also plays Lucentio, Dana DeRuyck:

50 Shades Shrew spank face Dana DeRuyck

Applause and appreciation for them all!

After the show opened, they shot some publicity photos of the cast, in which Dawn Sam Alden, who plays Petruchio, playfully spanked Jen Albert, who plays Kate:

50 Shades of Shrew 150 Shades of Shrew 0

And there are also some spanking pictures from the show itself, helpfully adorned with approving reviewers’ quotes. First, Petruchio spanks his servant Curtis (Lisagaye Tomlinson):

50 Shades of Shrew 550 Shades of Shrew 6

And Bianca (Tara Donovan) spanks Lucentio (Dana DeRuyck):

50 Shades of Shrew 9

Broads’ Word say that their productions are ‘by women, about women, for everybody’, which is an admirable manifesto, and people who have seen the show say they never knew The Taming of the Shrew could be so sexy. There are only another four performances of 50 Shades of Shrew, Friday June 19 to Sunday 21 inclusive and Saturday June 27. Tickets are $15 each, and you can book online here. And if you do go see it – please come back and tell us about it!

2 thoughts on “50 Shades of Shrew

  1. Harry says:

    Article updated to add newly available spanking photographs. Don’t forget, if you are in LA, you still have one last opportunity to see the show this coming Saturday night, June 27!


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