Photographer of the Week: Aliona Premudroff

Some photographers will tell you that spanking and fashion photography are an impossible combination; but Moscow-based Aliona Premudroff’s fashion and celebrity work is not going to be entirely uninteresting to us…

We have two models to meet, and they’re both called Victoria. Let’s start with Victoria Lopyreva:

Aliona P Victoria LopyrevaAliona P V Lop

Aliona’s 2010 series, entitled ‘Shan’t!’, featured her in a diner themed shoot…

Aliona P Victoria L

… in which Artem Korolev learns that if you want to smack the waitress’s bottom…

Aliona P

… it’s usually a good idea to wait until after she has served you your shake!

Aliona P V L

And now, a look behind the scenes:

But the main shoot that we’re looking at today comes from the ‘fashion’ section of Aliona’s portfolio, and took place on May 18, 2011. The participants are celebrities: the Monaco playboy Alexander Smurfit and his real-life partner, Siberian actress, model and reality television star Victoria Bonya.

Let’s get properly acquainted with this second Victoria:

Aliona P victoria bonyaAliona P Viktoria Боня-Виктория-29

Aliona has used her in more than one shoot, including this one in the same ‘Shan’t!’ series as the waitress pictures with the other Victoria:

Aliona P V BAliona P Vic BAliona P victoriya

And moving on to 2011, here are Alexander and Victoria together:

Aliona Premudroff (2)

Do you get the feeling that she might be after a bit of attention from her man?

Aliona Premudroff (1)

But maybe this wasn’t quite the kind of attention she was thinking of!

Aliona Premudroff (3)Aliona Premudroff (4)

If you are interested in Aliona’s work, please visit her website.

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