Photographer of the Week: Chema Conesa

Chema Conesa is an award-winning Spanish photojournalist, who worked for 27 years at the Sunday newspaper El Mundo, eventually rising to become director of the photographic department before his retirement in 2012. He still shoots and publishes photographs, as well as curating exhibitions and judging photographic competitions.

And in June 2009, he photographed a mother spanking her daughter.

The picture was shot to illustrate an article showing how Spanish attitudes to spanking remained contradictory eighteen months after it was banned by the country’s civil code at the end of 2007. But Conesa chose an original and witty angle to illustrate the piece: the daughter was aged 36, and her mother was 69!

Chema Conesa

If you are interested in Chema Conesa’s work, please visit his website

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