The OTK of Awesome

The Key of Awesome is a YouTube comedy series, which has been spoofing music videos since 2009. The episodes, conceived by Mark Douglas and directed by Tom Small, are noted for their acute attention to detail, and have become cult viewing with viewers who are switched on to the modern music scene.

Just in case you’re not switched on to the modern music scene, you might want to take a look at this.

It’s the hip-hop song ‘Monster’. The girl with the pink hair is the rapper Nicki Minaj. The girl without the pink hair is … also the rapper Nicki Minaj. You will have noticed that the video uses some BDSM imagery. You may, just possibly, be disappointed that it doesn’t use any more interesting imagery from that neck of the fetish woods.

So it’s time to give thanks to the Key of Awesome.

In their parody, the role of Nicki Minaj will be played by the actress and model Liris Crosse. Here she is:

liris-b-68liris-b-49Liris CrosseLiris in red

In case you’re wondering, she was cast for the awesome size of her assets … which they then proceeded to make even bigger!

Old dudes, young dudes, freak when they see this.

They all love my buns, even that creep Regis.

Key of Awesome

The spanker with a bag over her pink hair has to be a stand-in, of course, and it’s Mark Douglas himself. And if you think he came up with Regis just for the sake of a lame rhyme, think again… Regis arrives on the scene to rescue pink-haired Liris/Nicki, and do some small justice to non-pink-haired Liris/Nicki, in the form of a smacked bottom. I bet that’s really why he created the character!

Here’s the video:

If you enjoy the Key of Awesome’s style of humor, you may wish to visit their website.

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