The Taming of Trixi

Meet Trixi Teremi.

Trixi 9

She’s a popular Hungarian actress and singer, now, despite appearances, in her early 40s.

Trixi 7Trixi 6

Her career role model, she says, is the Hungarian actress Marika Rökk, whose notable films include the 1962 remake of Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies, with Peter Alexander:

Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies Marika Rokk

Then there was this 1969 appearance on Peter Alexander’s TV show:

And apart from talent and nationality, there’s something else that Marika and Trixi have in common. In Trixi’s case, the man who makes it possible is her regular costar Jozsef Bozso.

TrixiTrixi 10

They often appear together in variety acts that combine well-known operetta songs with spectacular tumbling and physical comedy.

Trixi & Jozsef 2Trixi & Jozsef 3Trixi 11

From time to time, these have a ‘battle of the sexes’ theme.

Trixi & Jozsef 1

Which means that, from time to time, Trixi gets spanked. Like here:

They have also worked together in plays, like the 2011 production of the 1942 operetta Corporal Maria at the Ira Turay Theater in Budapest. Here they are:

Maria T&J

Trixi’s character, Panni, seems a little flirty:

maria_ trixi 2

And guess what happened to her…

maria fohadnagy

Yes, she is being spanked with her skirt up… We are in Eastern Europe, after all. The scene was even given pole position on the show’s poster:


Later, they went on television to perform one of the songs from the show, and … you guessed it!

And in 2014, they were reunited in a production of the Strauss operetta, Vienna Blood, at Eisenstadt, with predictable results:

Afterwards, Trixi said this was her favorite part of the show!

Trixi and J in Eisenstadt

Applause, please, for Trixi Teremi – and long may she continue to need taming!

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