Photographer of the Week: Antonio Angelo

Antonio Angelo began his career early as a boy model, but now he’s a self-taught photographer based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He worked out fairly quickly that he didn’t want to shoot weddings and families. Instead, he says, he ‘enjoys capturing a more alternative picture of life’. Here are just a few of his alternative views:

Antonio Angelo 01Antonio Angelo 02Antonio Angelo 02aAntonio Angelo 03

And because he’s interested in the fetish scene, he sometimes goes in a direction of interest to us, such as in these advertisements for a 2012 burlesque show with the red-topped Morgan La Rue and the red-bottomed local Bettie Page impersonator, Aurora Natrix…

Antonio Angelo 03aAntonio Angelo 04

Pretty good, of its kind!

Here are some pictures from the show itself, courtesy of a different photographer:

Antonio Angelo 05Antonio Angelo 06Antonio Angelo 07

(Aurora really was red-bottomed, too: afterwards she ruefully remarked that Morgan was a ‘method’ performer!)

The spanking became a regular part of their act. Here’s the 2013 edition, courtesy of yet another Fort Lauderdale photographer, Loren Kahle:


And Miami-based Janette Valentine of Terribly Girly Photography also had them in her sights:

Terribly girly 10155968_10203894610675792_6135661531351662501_nTerribly Girly 10295277_10203790146696941_3642703271456737414_o

And now back to Antonio Angelo. Let’s go to the Floating Fetish Ball at Boston, Massachusetts, on June 7, 2013, in which the star attraction was either the callipygean model Sarula…

Antonio Angelo Sarula

or a spanking her friend dished out…

Antonio Angelo ffb aAntonio Angelo ffb bAntonio Angelo ffb cAntonio Angelo ffb d

And most recently, there was a shoot in May 2014. Let’s meet the ladies involved. First, allow me to introduce you to professional fetish model Idelsy Love.

Antonio Angelo idelsy love 01Antonio Angelo idelsy love 02Antonio Angelo idelsy love 03Antonio Angelo idelsy love 04

You’ll be pleased to know that she’s the one who’s going to be spanked.

Antonio Angelo idelsy love 05Antonio Angelo idelsy love 06Antonio Angelo idelsy love 07Antonio Angelo Idelsy love 08

And here she is being spanked, by burlesque performer Angela Ryan.

Antonio Angelo idelsy love spanked by angela ryan

But hold on – that’s not the shoot we’re dealing with! It’s not even an Antonio Angelo photograph! So say goodbye to Angela…

Antonio Angelo Angela Ryan

… and say hello to the girl who is going to spank Idelsy for Antonio: Satanik Panik!

Antonio Angelo Satanik Panik

Here she is doing her duty:

Antonio Angelo spank

And, as a little bonus, here’s a behind-the-scenes photograph of the shoot in progress:

Antonio Angelo bts 1

If you are interested in Antonio Angelo’s work, please visit his website. Among the other photographers featured incidentally in the article, Janette Valentine has done further spanking work that can be seen here.

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