The Thirtieth Century Comes to Texas

Imagine a world where this girl was contemplating a genuine risk:


A world where an unruly teenager might find this routinely happening to her:


A world where superheroes have their own unique way of dealing with wrongdoers:


You’re in the world of Jim Scribner, a retired US army veteran with a psychology degree, who lives in Texas. For the past ten years, he’s been producing a regular online comic strip called Thirtieth Century Fox, running to more than 2,500 episodes, with a current publication rate of one every eight days. And there’s at least one spanking scene in every episode.

His artistic method is digital collage, combined with an unpolished drawing style about which he is humorously self-deprecating in this panel:


This means that often you may recognize some of the elements he puts together – but often the result will be an essentially new picture.


That’s the well known spanking publicity photo for So This is New York, reworked to show Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies doing what a double-naught spy does best to a double-naughty girl.

The series was originally a roleplaying game based on a Yahoo group that nobody seemed much interested in. Jim was already doing occasional superhero spanking artwork:

05a Early Jim 0105b Early Jim 02 A Tight Spot in Space

And when he took the group over, he began to turn it into a vehicle for his own particular interests and vision. In the series’ early days, there was a strong focus on the domestic affairs of the Legion of Superheroes. Here are Saturn Girl and Lightning Lass to give you a taster:

05c Legion

But as it went on, Thirtieth Century Fox began to leave the Thirtieth Century behind and root itself in the Twentieth – specifically in the colorful and complex world of Jim’s childhood, to become one part autobiography, nine parts popular culture. If you were a baby boomer who grew up in the late 1950s and ’60s, Jim’s work is sure to have something you’ll recognize, somebody you’d love to spank.

DC Comics remain a strong part of the mix. One of Jim’s regular visitors is Lois Lane, here seen thinking a few pertinent thoughts as she gets spanked:

06 Lois

Here’s teenage Lois getting it from Martha Kent, mother of Clark (or of Superboy, take your pick):

07 Lois08 Lois

And adult Lois getting it from Supergirl:

09 Lois

And even Bizarro Lois after winning a bout with Bizarro Lana Lang:

10 Lois

Or perhaps you prefer Wonder Woman? OK, here she is with her long-suffering boyfriend Steve Trevor:

11 Wonder Woman 01

And with her creator, William Moulton Marston:

12 Wonder Woman 02

And even with Mary Marvel:

13 Wonder Woman 03

And Batwoman also had her turn, though she hasn’t been seen much lately:

13a Batwoman 0113b Batwoman 02

That’s because we’re now well past Batwoman’s time: each episode of the series concentrates on one particular day and one particular week, currently in 1966 and 1968 respectively. (There are multiple timelines running. Don’t worry. Like Doctor Who, I’ll explain later. Like Doctor Who, I’ll conveniently forget. You won’t mind, will you?) And as Jim progressed forward through time through the late Fifties and into the Sixties, the films and television and comics and history only grew richer and richer, and the series’ focus began to widen.

I mentioned Doctor Who just then. And if you’re one of the Doctor’s female traveling companions, be afraid: your bottom is most definitely on the ‘at risk’ list.

14 DW Susan15 DW Barbara16 DW Vicki 117 DW Vicki 218 DW Dodo19 DW VictoriaZoe20 DW Zoe 121 DW Zoe 2Sarah Jane Smith22 DW Leela23 DW Nyssa24 DW Martha

Those who unaccountably prefer Star Trek are also catered for:

25 Uhura

Anything and everything can be grist to Jim’s mill. Archie comics:

26 Archie

Sitcoms from Bewitched

27 Bewitched

… to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, seen here in out-of-character but strangely familiar period costume:

28 Mary Tyler Moore

Film stars like Gene Autry…

30 Gene Autry

… and Marilyn Monroe…

31 Marilyn

Glamor models like… well, there is only one Bettie Page … er, isn’t there?

32 Bettie Page

Even leprechauns for St Patrick’s Day, here played by two rather fine actors!

33 Leprechauns

And all of this creates the immense satisfaction of seeing the spanking of a character you already know well. And what’s more, even a spanking you already know well can get a welcome new twist in Jim’s hands. Our Wife

34 Our Wife

June Bride

35 June Bride

Donovan’s Reef

36 Donovan's Reef

McHale’s Navy

37 McHale's Navy

Lois Lane’s Three Nights in the Fortress of Solitude

38 Lois

(Well, Lois did say she wanted Superman to spank her!)

But it’s not just the spankings that are different in this world. Robin’s a girl…

39 Robin

JFK didn’t die in Dallas – he and Marilyn Monroe snuck off incognito to Gilligan’s Island…

40 JFK

And back in Tudor times, Lady Jane Grey didn’t get beheaded for claiming the English throne…

41 Lady Jane

An unusual anachronism in that last picture brings us to something you’ll already have noticed: there’s a lot of panty spanking in Jim’s work.

42 Panties

In fact, for years he actively avoided nudity, partly because, he said, this reduced the risk of anyone taking offense…

43 Panties

… and partly because he’s not primarily interested in spanking as a form of sexual activity, even though, like most people reading this, he evidently has a sexual response to it. But then the mid-Sixties discovery of hormones and exploitation movies resulted in a run of bare bottom scenes:

44 Bare Lana44a Bare Dodo44b Bare Jeannie44c Bare Star Sapphire

Personally I don’t think this is his best work, but then I have other preferences when it comes to spanking:

45 Panties

One exciting thing about spanking a girl on her panties is that it exposes something intimate that she keeps secret, something that (unlike her bare skin) she has personally chosen. So part of the pleasure lies in the variety of colors and patterns that are revealed:

46 Panties

Jim sometimes gives spotted panties to comedy hicks like Elly May from The Beverly Hillbillies

46a Beverly Hillbillies

… but most often, when a nice girl has her pants taken down for a spanking, you’re likely to see one thing:

47 Panties48 Panties

Jim will sometimes adjust his source material accordingly. Here’s an original he worked with, from the Mexican El Payo comic book:


And here’s what he turned it into:


The lace edge may stay pink, but it’s fair to say that Jim is most definitely a lover of white panty spankings!


And with that in mind, let’s have a moment of autobiography now. We move forward to 1978: Jim has done his first stint with the army and he is now living on a hippy commune in Massachusetts. What’s going to happen must have been an important event in his life, because he comes back to it again and again in the series. He meets a nice Jewish girl called Cindy. And…

49 Cindy50 Cindy51 Cindy

In view of what we have already seen, you might expect Jim to give her white panties, so I’ve always thought he drew it as it happened – and that when he spanked her, Cindy was wearing the kind of floral print panties that were fashionable in the Seventies. What a lovely thought…

Not all of Jim’s spanking memories are so comfortable to share. When he was a child, he saw his father spank his mother, and… well, let’s hear Jim tell it for himself (click through to bring each panel to legible size):

52 Jim's Mom 153 Jim's Mom 254 Jim's Mom 355 Jim's Mom 4

That may begin to explain why he often returns to a scenario in which mothers are placed in the custody, and under the discipline, of their offspring. For example, here are Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli:

56 Mother and Daughter57 Mother

Some of Jim’s very best work over the years has dealt with the spanking of Supergirl. Now, you might think there’s an obvious problem with that:

58 Supergirl

But Jim regularly contrives to take away her superpowers, so that the Girl of Steel no longer has Buns of Steel:

59 Supergirl

And this puts her at the mercy of everyone from supervillain Lois…

60 Supergirl

… to mysterious alien enchanters and bureaucrats …

61 Supergirl62 Supergirl63 Supergirl

… to the only kind of shrink Jim has much time for…

64 Supergirl

To finish off with, here are two more examples of what I consider to be Jim at his most outstanding, courtesy of Superboy and Jimmy Olsen:


You can find Thirtieth Century Fox both on Yahoo and Googlegroups. But before you visit, you should bear in mind that Jim is a man of strong – and sincere – political and social opinions which some of you might not entirely share, and also that he sometimes presents spankings of a type that wouldn’t ever be shown on Vanilla Spanking. It’s a big old, diverse old world out there: vive la similarité – but don’t forget to respect the difference!

Postscript (February 2021): Regrettably, both Yahoo and Googlegroups are now defunct, so the links above are dead and there’s no longer any obvious way to find Jim Scribner’s work online.

3 thoughts on “The Thirtieth Century Comes to Texas

  1. Wonderful article with a nice assortment of my work over the years. Theatre Group is actually the official name it’s listed as at Yahoo Groups or it’s mirror site The New Theatre Group at Google Groups. Thirtieth Century Fox was sort of my early name for it when I was focused mainly on a Legion of Superheroes parody prior to starting the current day by day timeline currently moving through 1966 updated once every 8th day of the week with a parallel month by month timeline currently in July 1968. Trying to do a real time daily strip as I originally attempted was a bit too stressful after I turned 60 and my wife of the last 28 years didn’t like me staying up all night on my computer.. Doing it as a hobby I don’t make any money from it so anyone has my permission to download anything I do there and do whatever you want with it. I use the calendars as screen savers, 🙂


  2. Harry says:

    I’m glad you liked it. It is my pleasure to give some recognition to an outstanding body of work that has given me so much enjoyment over the years, but which has rarely been acknowledged outside its own boundaries.

    Of course I do know that the ‘official name’ is Theatre Group, as anyone will find out when going to either of the group sites. I didn’t know that you had formally abandoned the Thirtieth Century Fox alternative title; but as my own site gives so much attention to actual stage plays, I decided, rightly or wrongly, to sidestep a complicated and probably not very interesting explanation of the title’s theatrical metaphor. Sorry if the outcome was to perpetuate a working title you would rather discard – I know that can be slightly irritating!


  3. jimc says:

    I have always enjoyed Jim’s work and always thought he needed some more outlets for his work. I am an otk fan so all of his otk work was muchly enjoyed by me. I am an m/f or f/f fan only so some of the other pairings that he has had have not really appealed to me, but I did enjoy his commentary about the times and I do enjoy mainstream spankings as a way to find out about spankings that I have seen, but did not know the backstory. Thanks for all the great finds and sharing them with us spankos. Have a great day.


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