Photographer of the Week: Tim Howard

Based in Oakland, California, Priapus Media is the outlet for the work of a self-taught photographer named Tim Howard, who shoots, as he puts it, everything ‘from fashion to fetish’. His fetish work is often on the strong side, and that’s the end of his spectrum that we’re looking at today, in particular at a shoot he did at West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 9, 2011. The title of the shoot is ‘Daddy’s Home’.

There are three models, the third of whom might be Tim Howard himself, but you’ll understand the difficulties of identification when you see the shots. So let’s pay more attention to the two more interesting models. First, meet Anyssa Jordan, who’s also a dancer and actor as well as a model.

Priapus Anyssa 1Priapus Anyssa 2Priapus Anyssa 2aPriapus Anyssa 3Priapus Anyssa 4Priapus Anyssa 5

And what happened to Anyssa when Daddy got home at West Palm Beach?

Priapus Daddy's Home Anyssa

Now it’s time to meet Alikat:

Priapus Alikat 1Priapus Alikat 2

She must have been an especially naughty girl:

Priapus Daddy's Home Alikat

As I understand it, that’s not make-up.

What’s unusual about both these girls is that they are professional models who are also seriously kinky: when she was young, Anyssa’s Barbie doll often got spanked by Ken! So while most professional models who pose for spanking shots don’t actually get spanked – nor, let’s face it, do they need to get spanked to make a good photograph – Anyssa and Alikat both did. And as you can see, Alikat got spanked very, very hard!

To be honest, the severe stuff doesn’t do much for me, and on its own the Alikat photo probably wouldn’t have been selected for this series. But the point is not so much that the girls were really spanked, as that they are professionals who were really spanked. And that gives their work a real edge over so much of the dull specialist spanking photography you see around, where the principal criterion of selection is a model’s willingness to be spanked hard, with practical modeling ability regrettably often only a secondary consideration.

So let’s hear it for Anyssa and Alikat!

If you are interested in Tim Howard’s work, please visit the Priapus website.

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