An Alternative to Nicotine

If you want to quit smoking but don’t want to give up the warming inhalation and the comforting teat, your best bet is to follow the current fashion for e-cigarettes, which fill your lungs with aromatic water vapor instead of cancer-forming tobacco smoke – and you can get various different flavors to plug into your device. Late last year, the Rochester, New York, firm ROC Juice launched a new brand onto the market. In a canny marketing move, they called it…


This enabled them to put this picture onto the product:

spanked 0a

The advertising campaign slogan was…

spanked 0

(A version of that pic also found its way onto the bottles.)

And models were hired to promote the product, like this:

spanked 2

The casting call emphasized that they also had to look good from behind.

spanked 1a

That’s Stephanie Angeline Micciche you’re admiring, incidentally. But much as I’d like to be able to report that she or any other member of Team Spanked really did get

spanked 1

… all I can actually say is that one of them got paddled, which isn’t the same thing at all!

spanked 3

Remember, a girl hasn’t been properly spanked until she’s been put across somebody’s knee!

So will the SPANKED girls get spanked? It’s a young product that has attracted a lot of attention, so time will tell!

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