Photographer of the Week: Ana Maria Abruña Reyes

Today’s photographer isn’t someone we’d normally expect to find snapping a spanking shot. Her name is Ana Maria Abruña Reyes, and she works in Puerto Rico as a photojournalist for the island’s top tabloid, Primera Hora.

The newspaper was running a series on ‘relaciones y sexo’ (relationships and sex, as if you couldn’t guess), which was usually illustrated from archive photos. The article scheduled for December 3, 2010, was on a subject of especial interest to us: nalgadas. (Come on, you can guess that one, surely!) But the day before the feature was due to run, the pictures editor found that there was nothing in the archive that might make a suitable illustration.

In such a situation, the obvious solution, you’d have thought, would be to get onto a stock photography agency and source an appropriate spanking shot. Happily, Primera Hora didn’t do that. Instead, Ana Maria Abruña Reyes found herself with an unusual assignment, in partnership with the stylist Yajaira Méndez González. Their task: to stage, and then photograph, a spanking!

The picture was taken the same day at San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital city. The identity of the models is unknown – and who knows, given the urgency, they could have just asked a couple of young, attractive members of the newspaper’s staff to pose. But whoever they were, they made an outstanding job of it:


Go here to see the picture at the head of the article itself.

Applause, please, for Ana Maria and her unknown models!

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