Spank the Planker


This young lady isn’t having a nice lie down: she’s planking.

Planking is a new (or newish) craze. Basically, you lie prone and hold your body, from head to toes, completely rigid and flat – flat as a plank.


The more you manage to defy gravity in the process, the more kudos you get.


Plankers also appreciate wit, and any kind of seated statue or mannequin may be treated as an open invitation for a visual pun – and a bit of implied rhyming wordplay!


And when the statue is of someone who’s already well known for what he does to naughty girls, the temptation only gets more intense.


But a word of warning: if you plank on a Santa, or indeed anyone else, and he’s not a statue… then you’re taking a bit of a risk!


Ho ho ho! Ouch ouch ouch!

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