Photographer of the Week: Nikki Nefarious

Today’s photographer is based in North Hollywood, California. She calls herself Ms Nikki Nefarious, and she calls her brand Altered Aperture.

She describes her career as, broadly, a move from mainstream commercial photography towards fetish work, which she says she prefers. Most of her fetish photography is about bondage; in fact, she is herself a much trusted bondage rigger whose work included tying up the pop star Rihanna for her S&M music video. But like any creative artist worth her salt, she also has an eye on something that goes beyond mere fetish:

‘Some people say there is a fine line between art and madness. I like to dance on that line, weaving in bondage, fetish, and glamor along the way.’

Her website expands on the point:

‘Her photography celebrates not only moments in time, but a distinctive set of individual ideas, ideals, and attitudes that are often overlooked or, perhaps worse, marginalized. Through her work she seeks to express her own innate creativity, sexuality, complexity, and, yes, nerdiness without regard to its relative shock value or banality. While some live to create and others create to live, Nikki simply prefers to see the one as an integral part of the other, wholly interconnected and utterly inseparable.’

She aims to use her own gender to relax female models so that they can perform to their best ability, and so that she can ‘fully capture their essence and bring life to each photo’. So it’s no surprise that her only known spanking photograph is F/F. The blonde model you’re going to see being spanked is credited by the name of Kuerbis Kopff, but is untraceable, so she may be somebody else entirely! But the spanker is the burlesque dancer Jenn Martin. Here she is:

Altered Aperture JennAltered Aperture Jenn 45393_428180444518_1102536_n

Altered Aperture Jenn Martin laundromat_by_operasoprano79-d35ersoAltered Aperture Jenn Martin

And now here’s the spanking bit:

Altered Aperture You__ve_Been_a_Bad_Girl_by_operasoprano79

The photo was shot in 2008 and was entered for the Death Chicks 2009 calendar contest.

But we mustn’t say goodbye to Jenn Martin before recording that this was not the only spanking she ever gave. Here she is, performing in a 2009 burlesque show at the California Institute of Abnormalities:


And we mustn’t say goodbye to Nikki Nefarious before showing an onstage whacking she administered in 2010…

Nikki Nefarious spanks

If you are interested in Ms Nikki Nefarious’ work, please visit her website.

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