Photographer of the Week: Kirk Lanier

Kirk Lanier works out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. His portfolio includes some striking portraits and a fascination with rusty old cars. He says:

‘When one thinks in terms of color, texture, the play of light and shadow, composition and the flow of line, one can find beauty everywhere. I seek out places and things that are not usually thought of to contain beauty such as junkyards, old train stations, deserted structures and ghettos. For me photography continuously opens new ways of seeing and being in the world. It is today my greatest passion.’

And he also shoots some excellent pin-up work, including in the rusty old ‘Bettie Page’ genre. In fact, one of today’s models works under the name Betty Darling, though she’s also known as Megan Marie:

Kirk Lanier Betty DarlingKirk Lanier Megan Marie

The other model is Kendra Sager:

Kirk Lanier Kendra SagerKirk Lanier Kendra SKirk Lanier KendraKirk Lanier Kendra Sager color

Now, you might not think Kirk quite nailed the spanking genre when Betty got her hands on Kendra:

Kirk LanierKirk Lanier Kendra and Megan

But now look at it the other way around:

Kirk Lanier P


If you are interested in Kirk’s work, please visit his website.

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