Spank the Blood Donor

If you should happen to be in the little Slovakian village of Cachtice next weekend, why not drop in on the Bathoryckina? It’s an annual festival which is part concert and part wine tasting, part medieval fayre and part civic celebration of a local historical worthy… or rather unworthy.

0000 Bathory

She’s the Countess Elisabeth Bathory – pretty name, nasty lady. She had the crackpot idea that regularly bathing in the blood of maidens would keep her young and beautiful. The maiden supply seems to have been plentiful in that part of Europe, because she got through hundreds of them before she was found out in 1610 and walled up in her own castle.

Not a legacy to be celebrated, perhaps, though the story did become a memorable Seventies Hammer movie starring Ingrid Pitt, Countess Dracula. But then in 2012 the local round table in Cachtice organized the first ever Bathoryckina.

Naturally the worthy centerpiece of the event is a drive to encourage people to become blood donors. And once a modern maiden has done her charitable duty, what other delights await her at the festival? Naturally we’d like her to head on over to the sideshow devoted to medieval forms of punishment, where a friendly executioner will behead her on demand:

Bathory 01 2013

For something less final, she might be put in the stocks, if she likes. Or – and now we’re coming to the point – she might be tied face down on a bench and have her bottom soundly whacked.

Bathory 02 2012

It’s as well to add that this treatment is available to people of both genders and all ages: nobody is excluded who wants to be involved. We’re just paying attention here to the ones that interest us.

Bathory 03 2014Bathory 2012 08-18-12-69716

Obviously it’s not spanking in the strictest sense of the term, but it is formal rather than ad hoc…

Bathory 04 2012Bathoryckina 2013

The girls are horizontal…

Bathory 05 2013Bathory 06 2013

The target is most decidedly their bottoms…

Bathory 07 2013Bathory 08 2013

And best of all, it’s fun for everyone.

Bathory 09 2013

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