Photographer of the Week: Fashion Sloerie

This week’s photographer is Dutch, and self-deprecatingly calls herself Fashion Sloerie. (‘Sloerie’ is Dutch for ‘trollop’.) She publishes mainly on flickr, and is noted for her imaginative and sometimes kooky selfportraits:

Fashion Sloerie 1Fashion Sloerie 2Fashion Sloerie 3

Fashion Sloerie 4

Selfportraits were the indirect cause of her downfall, when she joined a flickr group called ‘Dawn and Dew 365’ whose members are asked to post selfportraits on a daily basis. Unfortunately for her, she ‘cheated’ by posting a picture of herself on April 26, 2008, before she had actually joined the group. And when her partner, Duc, found out about it, the outcome was another selfportrait, taken the following day, and entitled ‘Spanking for Cheating’.

Fashion Sloerie spanked

If you are interested in Fashion Sloerie’s work, please visit her flickr site and her blog.

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