Photographer of the Week: Keffer

Fabien Hebert, the photographer otherwise known as Keffer, is a Parisian whose recurrent subject is nightlife. Quite simply, one night he took his camera out with him and started shooting on instinct, without even looking through the viewfinder. He has never looked back.

keffer 1a Keffer 1b keffer 1c

He shoots mainly in black-and-white because that’s how he sees nights out: ‘washed-out, rough, raw’.

Keffer 2a Keffer 2b Keffer 2c

He began taking pictures backstage at nightclubs, and found the girls ‘really let themselves go’.

Keffer 3a Keffer 3b Keffer 3c

‘So I got to document this kind of public erotic downfall, which they were completely cool with.’

Keffer 4a Keffer 4b

Not every girl behaves well when out at a nightclub. Well, actually, I can only think of a few that do…

Keffer 5

And when a girl misbehaves, what is to be done with her?

Keffer 6

Parisian nighttime acualité isn’t the whole of Keffer’s work. He also sometimes shoots with models.

Keffer 6b Keffer 6c Keffer 6d

The model whose work is going to interest us is called Elyksir, a lady of versatile talent and variable hair color:

Keffer 7 Elyksir Keffer 8 Elyksir

Keffer 9 Elyksir

She shot with Keffer and an unidentified male model on March 1, 2012. And by the looks of it she’s another one who misbehaved:

Keffer 10 la fessee

If you are interested in Keffer’s work, please visit his website. The excellent Elyksir’s portfolio can also be viewed online.

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