Photographer of the Week: Jirina Alanko

Today’s photographer is Helsinki-based Jirina Alanko, a queer, red-headed, pole-dancing vintage enthusiast who often explores themes of sexual ambiguity. She says:

‘I like my work to have a touch of goofiness with intense expressions, hard lighting and strong, vivid colors. I also love natural light and do use it a lot. It really doesn’t matter to me whether I shoot in a studio or on location.’

She has also been known to shoot burlesque artists, like Rhea Gone here:

Jirina Alanko

And she has a sublime sense of the delights of the female bottom:

Jirina Alanko

It was her love of vintage work that led her to collaborate with two similarly-minded women, a costumier and a make-up artist, at Pin-Up Helsinki, where the shoot that interests us took place on May 26, 2014, in which the main business of the day was a catfight:

Pinup helsinki catfight

Of course, we all know how catfights end in the pinup genre, but today will be a little out of the ordinary…

Now it’s time to meet the models, who have the usual unlikely professional names. Here’s Heini Lykantropia:

Pinup Helsinki Heini

And here’s LouLou D’Vil:

Pinup Helsinki LouLou

And from an alternative angle:

lou lou dvil

As well as being a pin-up model, Lou Lou is an internationally known burlesque star and winner of the 2014 Las Vegas Miss Exotic world competition:

Pinup Helsinki Lou Lou d69f9b4702bf6765a466d0f9540d5c13

And now a message for her sponsors:

PinUp Helsinki LouLou D

So it looks like she’s going to have to be the one who does the spanking. Here she is with darkened hair getting some smacking practice on the bottom of a model named Bettina:

Pinup Helsinki LouLou smacks Bettina (not PUH)

And she was the winner of the catfight, with predictable consequences for Heini’s heinie. What’s out of the ordinary is that Jirina didn’t publish the photograph she took of the event. But we know it happened, because what we do have is a photograph of her photographing the spanking:

Pinup Helsinki

If you are interested in Jirina’s work, please visit her website. Who knows, maybe in due course she’ll publish the spanking picture itself!

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