Photographer of the Week: Michel Aubry

‘Be seen to be heard,’ Michel Aubry advises his prospective clients. ‘Create desire through the image.’

Quebec-based Michel is primarily a commercial photographer, shooting advertisements and weddings; but he also does stock photography, with a varied portfolio that includes landscapes, junk food, reptiles, crustaceans and sexy women.

Mike Aubry 00

It’s not only advertising photography that creates desire through the image!

The set we’re looking at today was shot on August 12, 2013, and is called, with the kind of literalness that only a stock agency can muster, ‘Couple in a Sexy Role-Playing Game’. The couple, who model regularly for Michel and are also an item in real life, are Maninine Lavallée and Pierre-Luc Bonin. Here she is:

Mike Aubry 01 Maninine Lavallee

And here she is in costume for the sexy role-playing game:

Mike Aubry 02

But maybe she can be tempted away from her books?

Mike Aubry 03

Yes, she can!

Mike Aubry 04

But hang on…

Mike Aubry 05

Do you think there might be a price attached to that lollipop?

Mike Aubry 06

It looks as if there is!

Mike Aubry 07

But is she interested?

Mike Aubry 08

Or he could try another way of making contact…

Mike Aubry 09

‘Now, listen, buster…’

Mike Aubry 10

And that does it!

Mike Aubry 12Mike Aubry 11

Oh well, at least she can catch up on her reading while she’s being spanked, FEMEN style!

Mike Aubry 13

If you are interested in Michel Aubry’s work, please visit his website.

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