Photographer of the Week: Patrick F. Smith

Patrick F. Smith is a professional photographer based in Portland, Oregon, who does all the usual commercial work: portraits, events, actors’ headshots and so forth. And of course he does pin-up, too:

Patrick F Smith 01

He says he is keen to do what he calls ‘edgy’ work – and edging towards ‘edgy’ is the ‘Back to School’ shoot he did for Fall 2014, which was entitled ‘Hot for Teacher’.

Patrick F Smith 02

Contrary to appearances, these are the Unchained Girls. But before long, one of them will not be able to call herself an uncaned girl – and another won’t be unspanked. In fact, part of them is going to become hot, thanks to teacher!

So who’s up for a sore bottom? Surely that’s obvious, given that we have two naughty schoolgirls flanked by two teachers, plus… well, I’m not really sure how to classify the lady on the left, other than irrelevant for our purposes. (Sorry, Laurie!)

Our first naughty girl is Dino Smith, seen here out of uniform:

Patrick F Smith 03 Dino

Patrick F Smith 04 DinoPatrick F Smith 05 Dino

Teacher Alexandra Paris knows how to deal with her:

Patrick F Smith 06

On the right is Mari Lyn, obviously worried that she might be about to meet the same fate. Let’s have a look at some of her other work:

Patrick F SMith 07 MariPatrick F Smith 08 Mari

And now back in uniform:

Patrick F Smith 09 Mari

No need to bend over the desk, Mari. Your teacher is Betty von Blonde… and she’s going to give you a spanking!

Patrick F SMith 10Patrick F Smith 11Patrick F Smith 12Patrick F Smith 13

Patrick F Smith 14Patrick F Smith 15

And don’t think it’s anything to smile about, you bad, bad girl!

Patrick F Smith 16

If you are interested in Patrick’s work, please visit his website. The Unchained Girls may be found here.

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