More from Morgan and Aurora

We have already encountered Morgan LaRue and Aurora Natrix, the Florida-based Bettie Page tribute act, in front of the camera for Antonio Angelo and other photographers from Fort Lauderdale. To jog your memory, Morgan’s the redhead and Aurora is the dark-haired one who plays Bettie Page and gets spanked – so despite her name she’s no kind of a dominatrix.

Their act is called Bad Maid Betty, which is pretty self-explanatory, though it is worth adding that one of maid Aurora’s many misdeeds is to smack Mistress Morgan’s bottom. The outcome involves some excellent OTK imagery, as seen in this performance from 2012…

Bad Betty 2012

… and this one from the following year’s Fleur de Tease Holiday Show in New Orleans:

Bad Betty 2013 (1)Bad Betty 2013 (2)Bad Betty 2013 (3)

Here’s a 2016 performance:


And now we can see them move, too. A stylized video of selected moments may be found here. To see the whole act, albeit with a slightly shorter spanking, go here (and enter the password Bad Betty).

I haven’t yet found any images, moving or otherwise, from the sequel, entitled A Bad Betty Christmas, in which Morgan catches Aurora stealing her Christmas present. I wonder what will happen to her…!

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Maitrefesseur for help with video hosting after YouTube failed us.

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