Photographer of the Week: Eric LaGuarda

Eric LaGuarda is a French pin-up photographer working in Toulouse. A heartfelt opponent of mass-production in the arts, he devotes himself to small-scale, individually distinctive work shot in a variety of different styles. Or as he puts it:

‘I’m sailing my way between original universes (old school pin-up, modern pin-up, glamour, manga, thriller, fetish, heroic fantasy…) and more classical ones (fashion, portraits, expressivity…)’

His portfolio includes some nice shots of burlesque performers:

Eric LaGuarda 01

Like a lot of classic American pin-up photography, he often juxtaposes girls with motors:

Eric LaGuarda 02

And, from time to time, bottoms are smacked:

Eric LaGuarda 03

The hand belongs to Rox Anne, but the bottom is uncredited!

Eric also does promo shots like this one for the retro clothing emporium Lily’s Rock:

Eric LaGuarda 04

Mademoiselle Bambi is wielding the old skool ruler, but it’s not clear whether Lady Mina has already felt it or is pouting in anticipation.

Lady Mina returns for the next set, this time in the company of Mademoiselle Mali Green:

Eric LaGuarda 05 Mali GreenEric LaGuarda Mali

The pictures were shot at the Salon Cedric Coiffure, Toulouse, and it looks as if Mina has come in for a hairdo:

Eric LaGuarda 06eric LaGuarda Mali & Mina

But Mademoiselle Coiffeuse seems to be getting Lady Mina in a tangle. Maybe this’ll teach her:

Eric LaGuarda 07

But maybe it’ll just make her want to take revenge:

Eric LaGuarda 08

I can’t explain the mystery of the vanishing polka-dot dress:

Eric LaGuarda 09

But one thing I do know: in commerce, coiffure and catfights, the customer is always right:

Eric LaGuarda 10

Now, much as we love seeing girls getting their bottoms smacked like this, you have to remember that it’s not a proper spanking if it isn’t OTK. But Eric is ahead of us there. He knows that it is a truth universally acknowledged that, when four or five pin-up girls are gathered together… one of them will get spanked!

Eric LaGuarda 11

And never mind five, or four, or three… All you need is two. Rose-Mary Loi and Kitty shot with Eric for his limited edition 2015 calendar. Here’s Rose-Mary:

Eric LaGuarda 12 Rose-MaryEric LaGuarda 13 Rose-Mary Loi

And here’s the calendar:

Eric LaGuarda 14 Calendar

But their picture didn’t make the actual published calendar. This must have been due to lack of space. Because you can see here that it wasn’t for lack of quality:

Eric LaGuarda 15

If you are interested in Eric’s work, please visit his website.

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