Photographer of the Week: Vanner

Rob W., from Bolton in Lancashire, got into photography thanks to his daughter, Amy. She was repeatedly ripped off by a string of unscrupulous model agencies that were very keen to have her pay a fee to be on their books, but rather less interested in finding her any work. So she and Rob got themselves a small studio and set up Dark Side Imaging, and Rob got himself the alias by which he is now best known: Vanner.

Vanner enjoys shooting girls with guns.

Rob Vanner 01 guns

Sometimes he finds a softer, cuter quality in his models.

Rob Vanner 2

But that often conceals … the dark side!

Rob Vanner 2a dark side

Some of the girls seem to be a bit reckless:

Rob Vanner 3a

Or should that be foolhardy?

Rob Vanner 3b

The model who’s risking not her life but her bottom is Preston lass Emma Higginson, who also works under the name Vintage Belle.

Rob Vanner 4 Emma HigginsonVintage Belle

Here she is in costume for her shoot with Vanner.

Rob Vanner 5a

Maybe she was unlucky at cards…

Rob Vanner 5b

If so, here’s one way a reckless girl can pay off her gambling debts!

Rob Vanner 06

If you are interested in Vanner’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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