Return to Cachtice

It’s time for a brief update on this year’s Bathoryckina, the annual blood drive and folk festival in the Slovakian village of Cachtice, complete with its bottom-whacking sideshow. ‘Today only!’ offered the sign: ‘Free chastisement on the rack!’ And once again, there were some brave lady volunteers:

Bathory 2015 IMG_6509Bathory 2015 IMG_6495

If you want to see this kind of thing live, or even participate, you might not have to wait until the next Bathoryckina in August 2016. You might try the start of the summer tourist season in April – because this year, the apparatus got another outing in the picturesque ruins of Cachtice Castle, and, once again, a few ladies put their bottoms at the mercy of the friendly assistant executioner.

Bathory 2015 DSC_0941_finBathory 2015 DSC_0942_fin

Could this be the only place in the world that tries to make tourists feel welcome by giving them six of the best?

Bathory 2015 DSC_0886_fin

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