Photographer of the Week: Don Cross

Don Cross is based in Melbourne, Florida. He has been a part-amateur, part-time commercial photographer for thirty years, specializing in theatrical production stills and pin-up work. Here are some samples from one of his two main genres:

Don Cross Photography (01)Don Cross Photography (02)Don Cross Photography (03)

That’s pin-up, in case you were wondering… The one genre benefits from the other, actually, not just because Don has an inherent sense of the dynamic, but also because he works in community theater as both a performer and a set designer and master carpenter. For him, setting up a shot is not just about composition and light: he also applies his practical construction skills to the images he creates.

Here’s a little smacking, with Sushii Xhyvette bending over and Kara Vedovati taking advantage:

Don Cross Sushi smacks Kara

And in the same vein, with Brooke Catalon being whacked by Pepper Mint:

Don Cross Brooke & Pepper

And even more in the same vein, in which Mel Heflin has taken the veil and Whitney Pernal’s skirt doesn’t measure up:

Don Cross Mel & Whitney 0Don Cross Mel & Whitney 1Don Cross Mel & Whitney 1aDon Cross Mel & Whitney 2

As usual, however, today’s main event is a proper spanking. Camille Newbill will be applying the palm of her hand:

Don Cross Camille Newbill 01

Don Cross Camille Newbill 02Don Cross Camille Newbill 03

The recipient will once again be Whitney Pernal:

Don Cross Whitney

Now here they are on what is, in effect, a minimalist theatrical set, with all our attention thrown onto the foreground where the action is going to take place:

Don Cross 1

The relationship is clear here, but to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the story is about. It seems to entail some kind of disagreement about a jewelled choker:

Don Cross 2Don Cross 3Don Cross 4Don Cross 5Don Cross 6Don Cross 7

However, one thing that is completely clear is the outcome!

Don Cross 8

One especially good thing here is the effective way the picture negotiates the pin-up genre’s expectation that the girls will be in a state of undress: Whitney is wearing a cute little maid’s skirt – which then gets raised for her spanking!

If you are interested in Don’s work, please visit his website. You can also catch up with his photography in the pages of Delicious Dolls magazine, to which he is a regular contributor. And for more of his spanking photography, go here, here and here.

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