Photographer of the Week: Heidi Calvert

Born in Tampa, Florida, but now based in Los Angeles, California, Heidi Calvert is a photographer who specializes in photographing women, often with improbable, colorful hairstyles and costumes that are a little retro, even a little rococo.

Heidi calvert-1

She’s an artist you can imagine would really have jumped at the chance to shoot Amy Winehouse.

Heidi calvert_lola_080814_7Heidi Calvert Lola

She began her career with traditional photographic methods but has increasingly moved across to digital photography and photoshop work, achieving effects in post-production that you won’t find outside the camera and the computer. But she has also done exhibitions and ‘living art’ installations, including, in 2009, one at the Infusion Gallery in LA entitled simply BOOTY!

Well, there were a lot of pirates (‘Arrr!! Booty!!!‘) hanging around the gallery as the ‘living art’ part of the deal, but the canvases hanging on the walls were all dedicated to a single subject…

Heidi Calvert

The shoot we’re looking at today was on May 13, 2007, and the models are Victoria Lane and Snow Mercy. Here’s Snow…

Heidi Calvert Snow Mercy

… who went on to shoot specialist spanking videos with the firm Shadow Lane from 2009.

And here’s Victoria…

Heidi Calvert Victoria 0

… who claims to have a fetish for vintage underwear:

Heidi Calvert Victoria

It was always going to be a spanking shoot, but the plan was to create something a lot more distinctive than the usual ‘Bettie Page’ imitation. So both models brought along a suitcase of period clothing, and the outcome was…

Heidi Calvert Victoria_amp_snow3smHeidi Calvert Victoria_And_Snow_by_pinupangel

And it looks like Victoria spanked for real, too. Poor, sore Snow!

Heidi Calvert victoria_and_snow_ii_by_pinupangel

Let’s give her a chance to have the boot on the other foot, in a picture taken rather more recently:

Snow Mercy

‘Inquisitive people are just drawn to kink naturally,’ says Snow. ‘It’s like graduate level sexuality.’

If you are drawn to Heidi Calvert’s work, naturally or otherwise, please visit her website.

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