Hanky Panky in San Jose

We all know Madonna, the iconic Eighties pop star who refuses to retire.


We probably all have the same favorite Madonna song, in which she sings of the pleasures of being spanked. It was written for the 1990 Dick Tracy movie, in which…


… in which, disappointingly and contrary to appearances, Madonna’s character Breathless does not get spanked. The song – which helped to stoke the disappointment – was released the month before the film in two versions, the standard ‘Bare Bones Mix’ and an extended ‘Bare Bottom Mix’ (which is witty but nothing for anyone to get excited about). Madonna later said that she wrote the lyrics as a reflection of Breathless’ personality, and only went along with the suggestion that she herself likes to be spanked for the sake of publicizing the movie. But some wags weren’t persuaded by her denials:


And she not only continued to feature ‘Hanky Panky’ in her concert tours, but also notched up a spanky track record in her film appearances from Truth or Dare (1991)…

In Bed with Madonna

… to The Next Best Thing (2000):

Next Best Thing

Now, in the fall of 2015, Madonna can be seen across America in her Rebel Heart Tour – without ‘Hanky Panky’ in the set, but, just occasionally, with something better instead. On September 16, she played Madison Square Gardens in New York, with comedienne Amy Schumer as the warm-up act.

Amy Schumer

Amy came back onstage later at Madonna’s invitation, only to find herself bending over in a short skirt with her bottom towards the audience:

Schumer 1

And that black lace bottom got smacked!

Both girls got a lot of publicity about how Amy had been publicly ‘spanked’ by Madonna, and, although it’s always our mantra that it’s not a proper spanking if it isn’t OTK, Madonna didn’t disappoint when she played San Jose on October 19 – with a little help from one of the dancers, Sasha Mallory.

Sasha was famous as the runner-up in the 2011 series of So You Think You Can Dance…

Sasha Mallory

… during which she got a very brief spanking in the Cha-Cha:

Cha Cha 1Cha Cha 2

And now she’s famous for the more sustained measures Madonna took against her when she failed to catch a pair of maracas:

Madonna San Jose 2015

To which one might say, ‘Do you know the way to San Jose?’ – or, even better, the way to wherever Madonna is going to be playing, and spanking, next!

(For a comprehensive look at the Rebel Heart tour and its many spankings, go here.)

3 thoughts on “Hanky Panky in San Jose

  1. maitrefesseur says:

    Congratulations on a superb post that fullfills a lifelong fantasy of mine.You probably already know, that a similar spanking occured in San Diego, although, unfortunately it was given to a male dancer. But I have additional information derived from THIS picture here:
    This does no seem to be Sasha Mallory, it also seems to be a different costume. The hash tag actually indicates that this may be dancer Allaune Blegbo. Interestingly the caption also reads: “Better catch those maracas tonight in Portland… @madonna , Boss is not playing!!” But the portland concert was on October 17, two days BEFORE San Jose. This would mean that this picture is from one of the concerts before October 17,maybe in Vancouver or Edmonton.
    So it makes sense to keep a close look at all videos from the rebel heart tour, since the spanking may not only happen again (as you already pointed out), but it at least happende once before San Jose to another (gorgeous) female dancer, for which this photo is proof.


    • Harry says:

      Thank you for this. I agree that the dancer in the picture is Allauné Blegbo.

      So this is a frequent part of the routine in the Rebel Heart Tour, at the end of the Lucky Star/Dress You Up medley. It doesn’t always happen – the maracas might be caught, or maybe they just don’t feel like it that night – and when it does happen it won’t always be to our taste. And it might not always get videoed, because the people who tape these concerts and upload their work are usually more interested in the music than the spanking. But as you say, it’s something that is worth keeping an eye on.

      I’d like to thank you for one other thing, and that is your courtesy. You might think that courtesy is the norm and ought to be expected rather than thanked. But not everyone who follows up my research and finds something I had missed has been good enough to come back here and tell me about it.


  2. maitrefesseur says:

    It happened again!! You probably already know, that both in Mexico City and in San Antonio Madonna spanked female dancers. Both occasions were filmed, but I only could find one mediocre clip for each. Nevertheless: Those were girl spankings, and in the Mexico City situation the girl even got 25 spanks. You can see in the Clips that many people filmed, so more clips might turn up soon.Regards, yours maitrefesseur


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