Photographer of the Week: Patrick Parenteau

‘There is a great image within five feet of you, if you have the eyes to see, the heart to feel and the equipment to capture it with.’ That’s Patrick Parenteau’s philosophy, and based as he is in Vancouver, one thing he often finds himself within five feet of is a fetish party.

Patrick Parenteau 00 2015 Sin City

He does a lot of nightclub work, including at Sin City, which we’ve already encountered in the work of his fellow citizen Atratus. And when you’re shooting at Sin City, there’s always just a chance that, at some point in the evening, there might be a spanking taking place within five feet of you:

Patrick Parenteau 2013 HalloweenPatrick Parenteau 01 2013 Halloween 2Patrick Parenteau 02 2013 Halloween 3Patrick Parenteau 03 2013 Halloween 3aPatrick Parenteau 04 2013 Halloween 4

In 2014, Sin City launched a themed series of parties that were actually entitled SPANK!, and were described ‘the closest thing to partying in Berlin that you will find in Vancouver’. It was, perhaps, obvious what was going to be done to publicize it, and Patrick was the photographer chosen to shoot the picture. The models were Sin City’s very own DJs, Berlin Stiller and the proudly Canadian Evilyn Thirteen:

Patrick Parenteau 05 Evilyn Thirteen Canada

Evilyn has modeled with masterful men before:

Patrick Parenteau 06 Evilyn ThirteenPatrick Parenteau 07 Evilyn Thirteen

She’s had her bottom smacked, in front of Atratus’ all-seeing camera lens:

Patrick Parenteau 08 Evilyn Thirteen 2007 smackedPatrick Parenteau 09 Evilyn Thirteen 2008 smacked

And she’s also not a complete stranger to a good spanking, as we can see in these pictures shot by the excellent Vancouver bondage photographer Uncle M, and also starring Sly Foxxx:

Patrick Parenteau 10 Evilyn Thirteen XmasPatrick Parenteau 11 Evilyn Thirteen Xmas

Now it’s time for her to go over Berlin’s knee. Luckily Patrick’s camera was less than five feet away!

Patrick Parenteau 12 2014 SPANK

Here’s how the picture appeared on the poster:

Patrick Parenteau 13 Evilyn 13 spanked by Berlin Stiller 2014

Patrick took his camera to SPANK!, but oddly enough he didn’t manage to photograph any spanking. Maybe it was just happening more than five feet away, but I think it’s more likely to be the old, old problem with parties and photobooths: it’s always easier to smack than to spank.

Patrick Parenteau 14 2015 Sin City Spank 2Patrick Parenteau 15 2015 Sassy May smacked by Bella MPatrick Parenteau 16 2014 HalloweenPatrick Parenteau aPatrick Parenteau 16 2015

Patrick ParenteauPatrick Parenteau 18 2013 HalloweenPatrick Parenteau 17 2013 HalloweenPatrick Parenteau 19 2013 w Kitty Claudia

But at the Sin City Valentine Party in 2015, he finally got to shoot a proper spanking – and administer it too. The lady across his knees is Nikki Rose, and the knees themselves tell their own story:

Patrick Parenteau 20 2015 with Nikki Rose

According to Patrick, he had to kneel down and beg her to do the shot!

And right up to date, here he is with another obliging friend at Sin City’s 2015 Halloween party:

Patrick Parenteau 2015 HalloweenPatrick Parenteau u

If you are interested in Patrick’s work, please visit his online portfolio. And for more spanking photos from his camera, go here.

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