Photographer of the Week: Raymond Elstad

Vietnam War veteran Raymond Elstad ‘arts’ – his choice of verb – in what he calls ‘a little unsalted peanut of a town’ in southern California, and everyone else in the world calls Cardiff-by-the-Sea. He shoots in his own studio…

Raymond Elstad 01 studio

… an environment that reflects and facilitates the distinctive style of the resultant photos, characterized by out-of-alignment geometric shapes and often by powerful contrasting colors.

Raymond Elstad 02Raymond Elstad 03Raymond Elstad 04

Part of that signature skewed geometry also comes in the lines of the models’ bodies.

Raymond Elstad 05Raymond Elstad 06

Although he shoots men as well as women, he has described the female form as ‘one of the most beautiful subjects that photography can depict’. But when he produces erotica, he treats it with a sense of humor as he contemplates ‘man’s fascination with lingerie on a well turned bottom, the bit of flesh between a garter belt and stocking’. And a sense of humor is always an asset when shooting our favorite subject!

Here’s another of his assets:

Raymond Elstad 07 Rosetta

It belongs to Rosetta Risque, seen here from a more conventional angle:

Raymond Elstad 08 Rosetta

The one she needs to watch out for is Felix Zatknis:

Raymond Elstad 09 felixRaymond Elstad 10 felixRaymond Elstad 11 felixRaymond Elstad 12 felix

Because when Raymond got them both in front of his camera, Felix did this:

Raymond Elstad 13

Now for another pair of models, but the same studio set and, by the looks of it, the same riding whip… Meet Erin Alkaline:

Raymond Elstad 14 Erin AlkalineRaymond Elstad 15 Erin Alkaline

Now meet Ashley Deanna, also known by her married name of Ashley Briscoe. She’s going to be doing the hair and make-up for the shoot.

Raymond Elstad 16 Ashley DeannaRaymond Elstad 17a Ashley Deanna

Now Erin, meet Ashley.

Raymond Elstad 18

She’s going to teach you a lesson. A violin lesson, to be precise.

Raymond Elstad 19 The Violin Lesson

And in return, Erin, you’re going to give Ashley…

Raymond Elstad 20

a good spanking!

If you are interested in Raymond Elstad’s work, please visit his website.

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