Menstra Psi Spank

Coming soon! A short horror film, produced by the US indy firm Sin to Win Cinema, entitled Menstra Psi Kill. Apparently the story is going to put campus antics together with zombies, and the actress we’ll want to pay especial attention to is Mel Heflin. Until recently she was also a glamor model…


Mel Heflin 1

In fact, we’ve already encountered her in that capacity, modeling for Don Cross in the role of a rather strict, if improperly dressed, nun.

As an actress in Menstra Psi Kill, she’s going to be initiated into another kind of sorority, courtesy of fellow cast member Rita Christine. And while most sorority paddling leaves me colder than one of the zombies that are after her brain, this particular example puts the ambient temperature more in line with the other end of her…

Menstra Psi Kill Mel Helfin spanked by Rita Christine

The movie was shot last June, but there’s no news yet about when it will be released. Keep your eyes skinned!

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