Photographer of the Week: Marley Kate

Brooklyn-based Marley Kate Rizzuti, who works under just her first two names, has a reputation for vibrant, exhilarating fashion photography/

Marley Kate 01aMarley Kate 01cMarley Kate 01b

She has a strong feel for the beauty of light and color.

Marley Kate 02bMarley Kate 02a

She also has a feel for the slightly chaotic clothing styles of the Eighties…

Marley Kate 03aMarley Kate 03b

So in 2012, when Bullett Magazine wanted to run a fashion spread on the latest colorful prints, Marley Kate was the obvious choice of photographer. The female model was Valerie van der Graaf. Here she is:

Marley Kate 04a ValerieMarley Kate 04b

She was partnered with Dudley O’Shaughnessy, known for his leading role in the music video for Rihanna’s We Found Love, in the course of which he got to smack Rihanna’s bottom:

Here’s Valerie again:

Marley Kate 05 Valerie

Yes, dear, he is going to…

Here she is in costume for the shoot. See what I mean about garish Eighties style?

Marley Kate 06

The title of the spread was About Last Night:

Marley Kate 07

I don’t know what Valerie did last night that Dudley wanted a word about… but it must have been naughty.

Marley Kate 08 Dudley O'Shaughnessy  & Valerie van der Graaf

There’s a curious sequel to this. Later the same year, Dudley was shooting with a different photographer for the Fall/Winter Joyrich collection. This time, he was partnered with model Britni Stanwood, and in the course of the shoot, he found her like this:

Marley Kate 09 Dudley O'Shaughnessy 2012 Joyrich Campaign

With his track record it’s surprising, but it really looks as if he just doesn’t know what to do…

Should have gone to Marley Kate!

If you are interested in Marley Kate’s work, please visit her online portfolio.

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