For eleven years from 2003 to 2014, the East Village party TRASH! was a regular source of excitement on the New York nightclub scene. It was all the brainchild of the DJ Jess Marquis, who is sadly no longer with us, but who evidently had a feel for playfully assertive masculinity:

01 Sept 10 201301a Jess Marquis02 Jess Marquis 102a Jess Marquis 1a

‘Leave your dignity at the door,’ said reviewers.

Now, seeing the undignified pleasures of the young often incites a kind of bitter, illiberal censoriousness in older people, as if they are watching the Fall of the Roman Empire. Such people are often secretly and perhaps unconsciously jealous that they aren’t young themselves any more. Because, let’s face it, these are just young people having fun, and good luck to them. Especially when shenanigans go on…

03 Jess Marquis03a Trash Spring 2010

And bottoms are smacked…

04 trash sept 10 201305 trash sept 10 201306 trash sept 10 2013

And whacked…

07a Trash aria whacked07 Trash 2011 Fall

And smacked again…

08 Trash Fall 201009 Trash 2009 Fall09a trash Sept 12 201310 Trash 2012 Spring 111 Trash 2012 Spring 2 Aurora Black12 Trash 2012 Spring 3 Paige Walter & Aurora Black13 Trash Winter 2013 Ashley Bad smacked14 Trash Winter 2013 Ashley Bad smacked 2

Especially on birthdays…

15 Trash 2012 Winter Delirium Debbie smacks Bettina May15a Trash15b Trash15c Audrey Deja Allen15d Audrey Deja Allen

Jess Marquis himself occasionally got to join in…

16 Jess Marquis smacks 117 Jess Marquis smacks 2 Audrey Deja Allen

This young lady…

18 Trash 2013 Fall 1

… is about to discover that sometimes it goes even further than a mere smacking:

19 Trash 201320 Trash 201321 Trash 201322 Trash 2013

Though, like many nightclubs, TRASH! suffered from a shortage of places for a spanker to sit down:

23 Trash 2013 Fall 524 Trash 2013 Fall 6

25 Trash 2013 Fall 6

So for real spanking paydirt, we have to come off the dance floor and into the seasonal photo booths – Santa for Christmas, Cupid for Valentine’s Day. Because at TRASH!, they’re S&M photo booths…

25a Trash

… and girls don’t get to sit on Santa’s knee…

26 Trash 2009 4Trash 2009 1

… nor, perhaps, do they get to sit down anywhere at all afterwards!

Trash 2009 5Trash 2009 7

Well, that’s the theory. And here’s Jess Marquis putting it into practice on a girl who’s Bad by name and evidently bad by nature:

27 Santa Photo booth at Trash 201328 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013 3

You’ve already seen Ashley Bad from the rear end on (she was the girl being smacked in the red PVC jumpsuit). But this time she doesn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects in her sitting area:

29 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013 Ashley Bad smacks Natalie Alexa

Why, she’s not even using the red pillow!

30 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013 2

Looks like DJ Jess didn’t do a very thorough job there! Never mind, if at first you don’t succeed, try again – this time with Stormy Leather, who was a burlesque performer at TRASH! when she wasn’t being a naughty Santa in the photobooth:

31 Trash 2009 3 DJ Jess spanks Stormy Leather

(You may also have spotted her helping to dish out some birthday smacks earlier. Look for the tattooed kiss on her bottom!)

Other S&M Santas are available:

32 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013 Melissa Ronalds smacked

With elfin assistance from Jess Marquis:

33 S&M Santa 2013 534 S&M Santa 2013 6

Maybe this one will have more success in dealing with the naughty Miss Bad:

35 S&M Santa 2013 336 S&M Santa 2013 4

But remember, sometimes Santa herself is naughty:

37 S&M Santa 2013 138Trash 2009 1Trash 2009 339 Trash 2009 2Trash 2009 6

Elves have also been known to misbehave:

40 S&M Santa 2013 241 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013 1

Here’s someone Ashley Bad spanked earlier, who is now sitting comfortably to administer a dose of the same medicine to another naughty girl:

42 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013 Chloe Madison spanks Anna Marie Cecilia

And if a Christmas spanking just isn’t enough for you… come back Valentine’s Day!

43 Santiago Felipe S&M Cupid Photo Booth at Trash 2011

Alas, you can’t: TRASH! is no more. So thanks for the memories – and for the photographs in lieu of memories!

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