Photographer of the Week: Tatiana Perez

Brazilian Tatiana Perez, who lives and works in Madrid, specializes in studio photography in the pin-up and alternative fashion genres.

Tatiana Perez 01 Marie Devilreux

She has a fascination for the Fifties, which she pursues in an ongoing project called, obviously enough, Back to the Fifties, in which she emulates the pin-ups of the era.

Tatiana Perez 02

And as part of that, on July 9, 2014, she achieved a quite outstanding example of the ‘Bettie Page’ spanking genre, with the collaboration of Maria Montero, Spain’s foremost Bettie Page impersonator, who works under the name Missi Bang Bang.

Tatiana Perez 03 Missi Bang BangTatiana Perez 04 Missi

Here’s Missi with her partner on the shoot, burlesque performer Morty Boop.

Tatiana Perez 05

There’s a struggle for supremacy, during which Missi seems to think Morty’s been naughty:

Tatiana Perez 06 Missy Bang Bang spanks Morty Boop

On the contrary, Missi!

Tatiana Perez 07

Superb, dynamic posing, with a real sense of panic at what’s about to happen: this is ‘Bettie Page’ spanking at its very best.

If you are interested in Tatiana’s work, please visit her website.

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