Merry Kissmas from the Flaunt Girls

Flaunt Girls 1

Say hello to the Flaunt Girls.

Flaunt Girls 3Flaunt GirlsFlaunt Girls 2

They’re the resident dancing girls at the Full Throttle Saloon, a biker bar in Sturgis, South Dakota, and they have also performed across America from coast to coast.

Flaunt Girls 4

Their burlesque act includes a lot of pole-dancing and some aerial work that has to be seen to be believed.

Flaunt Girls 5

That’s Candee Licious up in the air, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s going to turn out to be our favorite Flaunt Girl. But before we find out why, let’s meet some of her fellow artistes, who have equally unlikely professional names.

Vera Hottamale:

Flaunt Girls 6 Vera Hottamale

Mia Bigtease:

Flaunt Girls 7 Mia BigteaseMia Bigtease

Babe Ruthless:

Flaunt Girls 8 Babe Ruthless

Ivana Rock:

Flaunt Girls 9 Ivana Rock

Anita Goodlovin:

Flaunt Girls 10 Anita Goodlovin

Foxy D’Ville:

Flaunt Girls 11 Foxy D'Ville

Rosie Cheeks:

Flaunt Girls 12 Rosie Cheeks

And as a bonus, here’s a selfie of Rosie’s cheeks:

Flaunt Girls 13 Rosie Cheeks selfie

The troupe was founded in 2006 and has been through some membership changes over the years. I wish I could find an appropriate photo of one of the original members, called Vera Naughtygirl!

Performing does bring its minor problems and inconveniences. Here’s Anita suffering a wardrobe malfunction:

Flaunt Girls 14

But these difficulties are as nothing to girls who approach life (and laundry) with a sense of humor:

Flaunt girls 15

They also understand one aspect of their fundamental appeal.

Flaunt Girls 16Flaunt bunsFlaunt Girls 16a

Rosie Cheeks even seems to have a bit of a bottom-smacking habit.

Flaunt Girls 17 Rosie & Candee

That was Candee Licious getting her cheeks made rosier than usual. And now Rosie’s gone to work on an unsuspecting member of the public too:

Flaunt Girls 18 Rosie Cheeks

Maybe she picked up the idea from her colleague, Ivana Spankyou, here smacking the curves of Stella Curves (or, if you prefer sensible real names, the bot of Meghyn Cabot):

Flaunt Girls 19 Ivanna Spankyou and Stella Curves

And if you’re wondering whether you vanna spank her, maybe this will help you decide:

Flaunt Girls 20 Ivanna Spankyou

Sorry, you’re out of luck there. But on the other hand, Candee does seem to be accident prone:


And last December, the girls got together to do a seasonal promo for their sponsor, the firm S. S. Vape, which helps people quit smoking by selling electronic vapor cigarettes. Several of the girls were reindeer, Mia was Santa … and Candee was naughty:

Flaunt Girls 21 Mia Bigtease & Candee Licious

The shoot took place on December 12, just four days after the publication of its inspiration, the now famous Doug Inglish shot of Kendall Jenner being spanked by Santa, seen here from an alternative angle:


The Flaunt Girl equivalent may be derivative, but it’s also excellent, and it more than equals Kendall in one vital respect: the video!

The video was produced by Breawna Nylen, which just happens to be Santa Mia’s real name. It probably won’t be the last of the Kendall Jenner imitations, but that’s surely a prospect to be celebrated! In the meantime, if you are interested in the Flaunt Girls, please visit their website.

Flaunt Girls 22

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