Photographer of the Week: Oliver Rust

Christmas is coming, and helping us with the anticipation is Oliver Rust, a Swiss fashion photographer from Zurich, now based in Paris. He’s notable for his clever imagery:

Oliver Rust 1

And it seems he’s also happy to administer the smack of masculine main upon feminine derrière:

Oliver Rust 2

After working for a decade in the business, he went into partnership with Karine Welter, seen here through his lens…

Oliver Rust 3 Karine Welter

… and they began to build a joint portfolio together.

But that was shortly after the shoot we’re concerned with, which took place on September 6, 2012. It was for the Swiss tattoo studio Giahi’s 2013 promotional series on the theme of the ‘bucket list’: the list of unusual experiences you want to have before you die. Enter model Giada Ilardo:

Oliver Rust 4 Giada Ilardo

She’s known as the tattoo queen of Zurich and, not at all incidentally, the face of Giahi. It seems her bucket list includes one entry involving Santa…

Oliver Rust 5

And here’s an example of how Giahi put that splendid, rich picture to use in its advertising:

Oliver Rust 6

If you are interested in Oliver’s work, please visit his and Karine’s joint website.

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