Spanking for Charity

Charlotte and Elle

Last Christmas, the American porn stars Elle Alexandra and Charlotte Stokely ran an appeal for the Toys for Tots Foundation, which accepts donations of toys for distribution to less fortunate children. As an incentive for generosity, Charlotte made an offer they may later have regretted: for every toy donated, the girls would get … a spanking!

In the event, they collected 173 toys. And that’s where we hit an issue of terminology, because strictly speaking they didn’t get 173 spankings – which on a daily basis would have kept them busy, and unable to sit down, for the best part of six months. What they actually got was a single spanking apiece, each one weighing in at 173 smacks. But let’s not complain too much about that, shall we?

Charlotte, dressed as Mrs Claus, went first:

Charlotte Stokely

And then it was Elle the Elf’s turn:

Elle Alexandra

It is probably fair to say that these were not the soundest spankings ever administered in the name of art; the fact that, after 173 smacks, Charlotte could still sit down to spank Elle is ample evidence of that. But they’re very cute, completely mainstream despite the girls’ profession – and, most importantly, all in a good cause. Judge for yourselves:

3 thoughts on “Spanking for Charity

  1. jim says:

    yes, quite spankable and great outfits, but there was no way they had a sore bottom after those pats or even had a red bottom. I did enjoy their performance like you said it was for a great cause. Now I wonder if they ever do get real spankings and if any of those are out there for us to enjoy. Thanks for sharing these.


    • Harry says:

      A lot of people may find this hard to understand, but I honestly don’t care whether the girls have ever had a ‘real spanking’.

      What I’d enjoy seeing is a convincing spanking, with vigorous action, facial and vocal reaction and fluttering legs. I don’t need it to be real, to be genuinely painful or seriously bottom-reddening, because I don’t find the sight of a thoroughly bruised, battered bottom all that attractive and also because the girls are real people whom I don’t wish any actual harm. It will do just as well for me if it merely seems authentic.

      No doubt there are many people who like to watch real spankings – at least, there’s no shortage of spanking porn where the most important thing seems to be the bright red bottom – but given the choice I’d always opt to see a really well simulated one. The simulation can be carefully calculated for the effect it’s designed to have on me, the spectator. It can be well posed, well acted, well photographed. It can have subtlety and complexity, whereas in a real spanking the girl’s performance is likely to be much less controlled, and the scene more a piece of actuality than art – making me the eavesdropper rather than the audience. And whatever other people may like, that’s not really my scene.


  2. jimc says:

    Yes, I actually agree with you. in one sense I was expecting a different type of spanking (their leadoff comments made me think it would be better spankings) and while I seek the mainstream for more spanking I enjoy a posed spanking far more than one that does leave the bottom bruised. I enjoy spankings over the knee and their costumes and bottoms were great. I guess my comment about real spankings was that it just did seem too campy or really contrived that they were saying ouch or whatever when their bottoms were only being patted and not really spanked and you did express it better. You are right in that real spankings do not have to be overly painful or even painful to be enjoyed it just has to look like it sometimes. Thanks for your take on real spankings as I follow that code as well your comments were quite insightful for what we search for. Have a great day.


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