Photographer of the Week: Audie Cleave

Today’s photographer is Audie Cleave, who’s based in Warrenton, Virginia, and who only shoots for a hobby. The shots we’re looking at were taken back in 2008, and tell a story of Santa and his two elves.

Audie C 01

One of the elves did this:

Audie C 02

One of the elves did this:

Audie C 03

So it’s not clear why it was this elf who got this:

Audie C 04

Maybe that’s the naughty list she’s reading – with her own name at the top!

But this Santa was a softie – or was it Chris, the model playing him? He really didn’t want to spank the elf – or was it Jenna, the model playing her?

Audie C 05

And that’s why, if you look carefully, the hand prints are going in the wrong direction here.

Audie wanted some visible evidence that this really was a spanking Santa, but Chris proved too gentlemanly. This was a job for Tiffany the make-up artist, who also happened to be playing the other elf. But her method of showing the effects of a spanking didn’t require her to use any make-up…

Audie C 06

Then Audie decided that both girls deserved a session on Santa’s lap. But in a way that Chris couldn’t possibly object to:

Audie C 07

‘This was just after Tiffany smacked Jenna on the bottom,’ explained Audie. ‘Chris couldn’t stop laughing.’ To which we can only say … ‘Ho, ho, ho!’

If you are interested in Audie’s work, please visit his online portfolio (but with the warning that, if your tastes are at all like mine, some of the nude photos are stronger than you may prefer).

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