The Spanking of Red Riding Hood

If I were to be asked which fairytale character most deserved a spanking, then, leaving aside a number of naughty princesses of our acquaintance, my vote would go to a certain golden-haired porridge thief. But it seems that some people have different ideas. Here’s a photo from a Sin City photo booth, courtesy of Atratus:

Michael R Barrick (Atratus) Red Riding Hood

The wearer (and presumably owner) of the frilly panties is Red Riding Hood, famous for her tricky encounter with a grandma-impersonating wolf, and perhaps a little less famous as the basis of an Italian adult comic book of the early 1970s…

Cappuccetto Rosso

… and also, in more recent times, of several acts on the American burlesque stage. And true to what you’ve already seen, sometimes that puts her bottom in danger, not from an enraged senior relative (‘Oh, grandma, what a big hand you have!’), but from the wolf.

Here’s an example from 2010, with Red Riding Hood played by Morgan La Rue. We have previously encountered her as part of an excellent Bettie Page tribute act in which she spanks her partner Aurora Natrix. But now the tables are turned:

And here are two members of the Texan burlesque troupe the Lollie Bombs, performing in Dallas in 2008:

Just a very quick smack there, but now fast forward to 2014: same troupe, different performers and a more developed version of the routine. I give you Miss Malicious (also known as Michele Valory) as Red Riding Hood, with Scarlette Switches as the wolf:

Here’s a closer view of what happens:

Red Riding Hood smack 2014

Now, smacking is all very welcome, especially when administered to the seat of Red Riding Hood’s panties, but is she ever going to get spanked? Well, of course she is, and we don’t need to leave Dallas to see it – just slip back in time a few months to November 2013, when the Dallas Fetish Ball was themed around ‘Bedtime Stories’. Among the contributors to the burlesque cabaret was Ludella Hahn, whom we’ve met before in an encounter with Santa played by Evan Smith. Red Riding Hood was her choice of bedtime story, and Evan was on hand again to play the wolf. I guess that might just have something to do with the fact that he and Ludella are married in real life. And while lightning may not strike twice in the same place, Evan Smith certainly does:

Dallas Fetish Ball 2013 1 photo by ObscuriDallas Fetish Ball 2013 2 photo by Mark KaplanDallas Fetish Ball 2013 3 photo by Mark Kaplan

Lovely expression of dismay in that last one, Ludella!

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