Photographer of the Week: Greg Caparell

Just under year ago, on December 22, 2014, Boston-based Greg Caparell was doing a seasonal glamor shoot for the local radio station WAAF, with seven lovely models.

Greg Caparell 1

It wasn’t originally planned to feature a spanking picture… until two of the girls started goofing around. The ones to look at more closely are the center Santa and the reindeer at her side.

Santa is actually Christine Jenna Cilano:

Greg Caparell 2 Christine Jenna Cilano

Here’s a couple more of her as Santa:

Greg Caparell 3 Christine Jenna CilanoGreg Caparell 4 Christine Jenna Cilano

And here’s another of her modeling assets:

Greg Caparell 4a Christine Jenna Cilano

Her antlered friend is Jesssica Camella, who has assets of her own:

Greg Caparell 5 Jessica CamellaGreg Caparell 6 Jessica CamellaGreg Caparell 7 Jessica Camella

Looks like she has a thing about cute animal ears:

Greg Caparell 8 Jessica Camella

Greg Caparell 9 Jessica Camella

And also about being bottom-up:

Greg Caparell 10 Jessica CamellaGreg Caparell 11 Jessica CamellaGreg Caparell 12 Jessica Camella

And about being bottom-up whilst wearing cute animal ears:

Greg Caparell 13 Jessica Camella

Which made it a racing certainty that something like this was going to happen to Santa’s reindeer:

Greg Caparell 14

Just to be clear: the spanking wasn’t how Jessica was punished for goofing around – it was the goofing around!

If you are interested in Greg Caparell’s work, please visit his website.

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