The Perils of Santa’s Booth

It’s the time of year when, all over the world, department stores, nightclubs and holiday parties set up souvenir photobooths offering you the chance to have your photo taken with Santa Claus. But many an unsuspecting girl has arrived for her visit with Santa only to learn that… she’s on the naughty list!

01 200110355370_1497830177126290_2835383385194609126_n

She might think she’s been good, like this young lady helping out at a Las Vegas toy drive, but as you can see, Santa knows better:

02 Little Darlings Las Vegas 2013

And if she’s caught visiting somewhere like the Denver restaurant Illegal Pete’s… well, the name ought to have given her a clue, shouldn’t it?

03 Illegal Pete's 2012 a04 Illegal Pete's 2012

Spanking Santas can even be found in gay bars like Rich’s of San Diego. Happily for us, girls are also allowed to join in:

05 2012 Rich's of San Diego

Now, you might think Santa is a very, very experienced spanker.


He gets in a whole lot of practice.

2012 Nili Steiner1447499827_lOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Even when ’tis not the season to be jolly, thanks to events like the Blizzard on the Beach party at the Tao nightclub in Las Vegas:

08 Tao Blizzard on the Beach 2011

But it has to be said, he doesn’t always make a perfect job of it. He’s been known to botch the OTK positioning, sometimes only a little…

09 Bettie B 20142014 Santa

… sometimes quite a lot…

Texas 2014 Anita is being spankedSanta 2014 Lenwood & Melonie Cole10 Hurricanes California 2013

… and sometimes, catastrophically, he doesn’t manage to get her over his knee at all:

11 2013

On occasion he even seems unsure what might be the most effective thing to spank her with:

12 2011 R Bar LA

At New York’s Dolce Vita store, it’s hard to tell who’s more distressed at the situation: Santa or the naughty girls he’s duty-bound to punish.

13 Dolce Vita Dec 5 201314 Dolce Vita Dec 5 2013 2

(It’s a pity about the second one, because the girl is outstanding!)

Do you know, maybe it’s just possible that some of these booth Santas might (whisper it) not be the real thing!

15 Tao 2014

OK, she was an obvious imposter… but remember, it may not always be so easy to spot a fake Santa.


And if you make a mistake… well I was going to say ‘on your head be it’, but actually the danger’s more to your other end!


So remember, ladies everywhere: if you turn up in the booth expecting to sit on Santa’s knee, there’s always the risk that you may find yourself across it instead – after which you won’t be sitting anywhere at all!

18 Trust Seattle 2011 Kryptonite Nick as Santa spanks Jade Owen photo by Sarah Lovrien

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