Photographer of the Week: Mark Kaplan

Mark Kaplan firmly believes that the world has quite enough wedding photographers already. He bought his first camera in 2006 to photograph science fiction conventions … and then found himself drawn into the world of burlesque. Now he runs the Dallas firm Naked Lens, and regularly photographs dancers who are rarely entirely naked – but sometimes soundly spanked!

We’ve already encountered an example of his work: he shot several of the pictures of Ludella Hahn’s Red Riding Hood performance at the 2013 Dallas Fetish Ball. But our focus today is on a studio session he did on December 7, 2012, with the Viva Dallas Burlesque troupe.

It was a seasonal shoot, with aerial artiste Allen Falkner filling the role of Santa, ably assisted by his fellow performer and real-life wife, Courtney Crave. She’s the lady in white receiving his intimate attentions here:

Mark Kaplan 00

But when Santa Claus is coming to town, all those naughty burlesque girls had better watch out:

Mark Kaplan 01Mark Kaplan 02

And with so many bad Dallas girls in need of a spanking, is it any wonder Santa needs helpers?

Mark Kaplan 03Mark Kaplan 04

Lots of helpers…

Mark Kaplan 05Mark Kaplan 06

Especially when you have a girl as naughty and uncooperative as Michelle Valory here:

Mark Kaplan 07Mark Kaplan 08

Santa’s tired after that piece of exertion. Time for Courtney to take over. And the next in the queue is Levi des Peu-Chapeau:

Mark Kaplan 09Mark Kaplan 10

But don’t you think Levi might need a little extra something?

Mark Kaplan 11

We don’t know if that encouraged Levi to make a New Year’s Resolution to be a better girl, but we do know that what happened to her was bad news for Michelle Harvey. She dressed for the shoot in an authentic 1950s outfit. And to make the whole ensemble period perfect, she took especial care with a part of her wardrobe that nobody else would be seeing. Or so she thought. Because she really wasn’t expecting this to happen to her:

Mark Kaplan 12

Mark did another holiday shoot with Viva Dallas Burlesque on December 5, 2015. There was nothing quite as revealing, but at least the proud tradition of Santa spanking was upheld:

Mark Kaplan 2015

If you are interested in Mark Kaplan’s work, please visit his website.

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