The Happiest Discos of Your Life

For the next of our occasional encounters with the Bacchanalian pleasures of the young, we visit what was once called ‘London’s trashiest night out’: the School Disco, which was set up by a couple of friends in 1999, and ran for twelve successful years. It was based on a brilliantly simple idea: to recreate the clientele’s teenage party experience, complete with retro music, with a dress code of ‘school uniform’ – the sexier the better!

And that can only mean a nightclub crammed with nubile young ladies wearing the kind of school uniforms…


… they didn’t wear back when they were at school! At least, I don’t think what we see here can be altogether in accordance with the school rules, can it?


We’ll have to wait and see for sure, but these girls might just be telling us what we can do about it:


Let’s face it, at any good party things will sometimes get a little wild.

You naughty girl! Put your skirt back on - right now!

You naughty girl! Put your skirt back on – right now!

The miscreants will need to be taken in hand.


Which means that, from time to time, there’ll have to be some school discipline at the School Disco.


One specific prohibition in the dress code is ‘no denim’. Any young lady who flouts that can expect…


And if she’s even naughtier:


Yes, the ‘message on pink’ was exactly what we thought it was. Though on the wrong end of a cane, the request perhaps has a different tone. You want a spanking instead of a caning? Yes, my dear, I think we can accommodate you:


I said the central idea of the School Disco was brilliant and simple, and that meant it was also imitable. The London original has now closed the doors on its distinctive atmosphere of kitschy chaos, but there are still clones everywhere. Some of the organizers may have failed spelling at skool, but they have broadly the right idea, as in this example from Ireland:


There’s a regular one in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Here are some of the partygoers:

15 Sheffield

Occasionally it might look as if the dress code is a little more relaxed than it was in London: really, since when was a bikini appropriate school wear?

16 Sheffield

At a particular night themed around swimming lessons, that’s when – and what’s more, one bad girl got a smacked bottom:

17 Sheffield

So if there’s a skool disco near you, break out your old skool tie and turn up early – to see what happens to the naughty adult schoolgirls who arrive late…

One thought on “The Happiest Discos of Your Life

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now, Harry, but have rudely neglected to write a thanks– so thank you very much! I also think spankings showing up in the “mainstream” are the most provocative, and your entries here are always a treat!


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