Photographers of Weeks Past

Some photographers will only ever shoot a single spanking photograph in their entire career, but others return to the theme… and sometimes not until after they’ve been featured as Vanilla Spanking’s Photographer of the Week. So here’s a little roundup of the ones that nearly got away – and the naughty girls who didn’t!

We first encountered Michael Enoches as the contributor of a not especially distinguished example of the Bettie Page spanking genre. Well, he’s still working in that genre, but now he’s fixed the positioning issues, with a little help from models Rodeo JJ (vertical) and Cat Divine (horizontal):

Michael Enoches u Rodeo JJ spanks Cat Divine bwMichael Enoches u Rodeo JJ spanks Cat Divine

Also working near that end of the pinup scene is Liz Huckleby. Her models are Babycake Blonde, who’s blonde, and Katie Belle, who isn’t:

Liz Huckleby

Janette Valentine of Terribly Girly Photography held a pinup party this fall. One of the girls had to be the unlucky one:

Janette Valentine

And lastly, it turns out that Vika Valter, the self-portrait queen of Helsinki, had been spanked before her fateful rendezvous in a hotel bedroom in Brighton in May 2011. Here she is, bottom up and a bit less covered, on November 29, 2009:

Vika Valter Nov 29 2009

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