Photographer of the Week: Paul Nery

Brazilian Paul Nery has had an eventful life. He has been a newspaper photographer and a comic book artist, played in Brazilian prog rock bands and traveled all over the world. Now he lives in the Bahamas, recording his own music and shooting artistic nude photographs of his regular model, Claudia Ivanovna.

Paul Nery 01 ClaudiaPaul Nery 02 Claudia

He has a passion for the female form: ‘The curves, the sensuality, the shape of the woman’s body is really beautiful to draw and paint.’ And among all of Claudia’s curves and sensuality, he evidently has an especial feel for her bottom:

Paul Nery 03Paul Nery 03aPaul Nery 04Paul Nery 05 Symmetry

In the shoot that most interests us, from 2014, a mysterious masked figure also wants a feel of Claudia’s bottom:

Paul Nery 06

And he wants Claudia’s bottom to have a feel of something else:

Paul Nery 07

He seems to be having trouble finding the most efficient way to place her:

Paul Nery 08

But now he’s got it:

Paul Nery 09

In the second part of the shoot, the masked man is naked but still determined to guard his secret identity. And though Claudia’s plight is a little ameliorated by the disappearance of the riding whip, there are still some sit-upon problems ahead for her.

Paul Nery 10Paul Nery 11

Paul Nery 12Paul Nery 13Paul Nery 14Paul Nery 15

It’s a weirdly compelling set, largely because the spanker seems in his exotic mask almost like some eastern god rather than a human being – with Claudia’s upturned bottom presented for what might be a sacrificial spanking!

If you are interested in Paul Nery’s work, please visit his website (but be aware that some of the pictures are mildly gynecological).

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Paul Nery

  1. jimc says:

    I love his work. I love the position of the bottoms and he does indeed capture the imagination. Great finds. Thank you for sharing.


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