Photographer of the Week: Alek Zivkovic

Alek Zivkovic is a Belgrade-based fashion photographer whose work is characterized by subtle color, lustrous light and very sleek skin tones on the models.

Alek Zivkovic

In late 2015 he was hired by art director Dragan Vurdelja to do a shoot for the Serbian edition of Vice Magazine featuring the pop star Ivana Rasic, whose stage name is Sajsi MC. Here she is:

Sajsi MC port

And here she is performing onstage:

sajsi onstage

Sajsi MC perf

The theme of the shoot was ‘S&M’, which is always a bit of a lottery when it comes to spanking imagery, and the outcome was a set of pictures full of hoods and bondage gear and ball-gags…

sasji bondage 0Sajsi bondage 1Sajsi bondage 2

… which will no doubt please some people. Happily for us, male model Lazar Balaban also got to take Ivana across his knee:

2015 Sajsi MC spanked by Lazar Balaban2015 Sajsi MC

And, as a bonus, the spanking makes a welcome appearance in a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot:

If you are interested in Alek’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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