No Pants Subway Ride: The Best of 2016

2016 001

Voyeurs, rejoice! Exhibitionists, exult! People with no sense of humor, despair!

2016 003

January 10 saw the return of the No Pants Subway Ride, bringing bottoms, lingerie and wackiness to the morning commute in cities all over the world.

2016 002

And today, winnowed from the web and sifted from the cellulite, we present the best of the sights from the 2016 ride!

2016 004

The event began 15 years ago in New York, but has become a worldwide phenomenon. This year girls dropped their pants in Bucharest:

2016 005 Bucharest

They showed their panties in Peking (oh, alright then, Beijing):

2016 006 Beijing

And they commuted with the clothed in Brisbane:

2016 007 Brisbane

And that’s only three of the sixty cities that took part.

Here’s how it works. You descend, pantsless, into the subway.

2016 008

You wait on the platform. Will your fellow commuters react with incredulity to your amazing lack of attire?

2016 009

Well, in New York, probably not!

2016 010

The train arrives.

NYC no pants subway ride

Let the other passengers off first, please!

2016 012

And now it’s time for your No Pants Subway Ride!

NYC no pants subway rideNew York 2016

Finally you emerge into the cool evening air – and don’t forget to smile for the photographers!

2016 014

En route there will be some beautiful sights to enjoy.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com2016 0192016 0162016 0202016 0222016 023

2016 0182016 0152016 017

Though on any long journey, there’s inevitably going to be somebody asking…

2016 024

Remember, there will always be someone watching you.

2016 025aa

Some photographers will do anything for a close-up.

2016 025a

But the objective is always to make it look as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

2016 026

The event has also been called ‘Show Your Panties Day’, but some modest ladies obviously don’t want to show their actual panties – and wear a second pair on top!

2016 0272016 0282016 029

Others are obviously making a show of it, effectively wearing a costume rather than their normal underwear.

2016 0302016 0312016 033

You know there’s something wrong when even Fido gets in on the act!

2016 034

And what do you deserve, my dear, for not following the true spirit of the occasion? Bend over and find out!

2016 035

I’ve never actually seen a proper No Pants Day spanking, unless this girl is getting one from the invisible man.

2016 036

But sometimes it seems there needs to be a jolly good smacked bottom on the agenda. Take this young lady from Phoenix, Arizona.

2016 037No Pants AZ Light Rail Ride.

2016 039

Yes, it’s lovely, but that’s not what we meant when we asked you to toast her buns.

No Pants AZ Light Rail Ride.

That’s more like it!

2016 041

That wasn’t the only bit of provocative behavior in Phoenix that day.

2016 042

But the men of Arizona know how to deal with it!

2016 043

Even if sometimes it takes rather a lot of them, and their womenfolk, to make an impression…

2016 0442016 0452016 0462016 047

The day often ends with a party – no pants worn, of course!

2016 048

2016 0492016 0502016 0522016 051

And you can guarantee that right to the end of the trip, someone will keep on asking…

2016 053

Yes, we are!

One thought on “No Pants Subway Ride: The Best of 2016

  1. Sweetspot (Phil) says:

    You have done a spectacular job of documenting this cultural phenomenon. As usual the results of your efforts are encyclopedic in coverage (or in this case not so much coverage). As a spectator sport I would think the early January date means this event is even more fun in Brisbane than it is in the north.


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