Photographer of the Week: Shelton Cole

Shelton Cole, who’s based in Mesa, Arizona, found his true niche in life early – and then lost it. At high school, he developed a passion for photography and worked as a photo technician for the premier local studio. Then the pressures of life and career killed his dream – but his passion was rekindled in 2013.

01 SC Photo

No, not like that. Or, at least, not only like that. Now he works happily as a commercial photographer with his own firm, SC Photo, thinking himself privileged to be able to help preserve his clients’ memories in his work. He is, he says, ‘a romantic at heart’. And, praise be, he also shoots glamor and pin-up photos.

02 SC Photo03 SC Photo

Some of them have a distinctly retro look.

04 SC Photo

Couples are catered for.

05 SC Photo

In this brilliantly composed shot, it looks like there’s an uncomfortable time in store for model Jurnee Lane:

06 SC Photo

But the model we actually need to meet is Sonja Nicole:

07 SC Photo Sonja

In 2014 she did a Shelton Cole shoot with the heavily tattooed Matty Ort.

08 SC Photo Sonja Nicole

And Matty soon got the upper hand.

09 SC Photo Sonja Nicole

If you are interested in Shelton’s work, please visit his website.

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