No, No, Not the Comfy Sofa!

Our intermittent tour of the world’s hottest bottomed nightspots now brings us to Providence, Rhode Island, where for two years from 2012 to 2014 the mostly young and sometimes beautiful could party Friday nights at FReQ and, incidentally, have their terpsichorean prowess caught on camera for future nostalgia or embarrassment.

00 FReQ

And off the dance floor, FReQ was one of those nightclubs to feature a photobooth, courtesy of local events photographer James Fredrick, that offered patrons a souvenir of their evening’s fun.

01 FReQ02 FReQ10903 FReQ

With photobooths, we’re always hopeful for circumstances where the fun might naturally extend to a bit of playful spanking, which is why we are well served by fetish parties, where some of the participants are already going to be OTK-minded, and by certain kinds of role play, such as schoolgirls or Santa Claus. Even then the individual participants have to be up for it, so it’s promising to see that the FReQ photobooth occasionally featured moments like this:

04 FReQ 2013

And this:

05 FReQ 2014 John Franceschi & Tara Davidson06 FReQ 2014 John Franceschi & Tara Davidson07 FReQ 2014 John Franceschi & Tara Davidson

And this:

08 FReQ 2013

But what’s even more important is the fact that it often featured a comfy sofa too, enabling the clientele to sit down between dances. And when there was no room on the sofa, a girl could always improvise:

09 FReQ 2013

And if she could do that, she could recline another way too:

12 FReQ 201213 FReQ 201210 FReQ 201311 FReQ 201314 FReQ 201315 FReQ 2013

And from time to time, especially if you cheeked the cameraman, that was going to lead naturally to…

16 FReQ 2012 Brianne Elizabeth Tice OTK17 FReQ 2013 Theresa Irene being spanked18 FReQ 2013

So if you’re a naughty girl in a nightclub photobooth… beware the comfy sofa!

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