Photographer of the Week: Caroline Azambourg

Caroline Azambourg 01

Parisian Caroline Azambourg may work some of the time as a cocktail waitress, but her other talents are for photography and fashion modeling. And in the shoot we’re looking at today, she does both.

The session presented a line of clothing from the boutique Le Boudoir de Marie, whose other imagery occasionally ventures into interesting territory.

Caroline Azambourg 02 Le Boudoir de Marie

That’s Caroline herself in the black panties. And the model on the left is the burlesque dancer Mimi de Montmartre. Here she is, not wearing anything from Le Boudoir de Marie:

Caroline Azambourg 03 Mimi de Montmartre

Mimi and Caroline joined forces to publicize a collection of Scottish-style woollens called Education écossaise – ‘Scottish education’. Mimi’s the teacher, and Caroline’s the pupil.

Caroline Azambourg 04

Quite a cheeky pupil, it seems…

Caroline Azambourg 05

What’s Miss Mimi going to do about that?

Caroline Azambourg 06

Well, here’s an idea:

Caroline Azambourg 07

No, that yardstick’s just too unwieldy for the job. And, really, you can’t beat a good, old-fashioned…

Caroline Azambourg 08

… education écossaise!

If you are interested in Caroline’s work, please visit her Instagram site.

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