Photographer of the Week: Amanda Valentine

Philadelphia-based Amanda Valentine used to be a model.

Amanda Valentine 01

Now she has gone over to the other side of the lens to work as a concept, beauty and fashion photographer. Here she is at work:

Amanda Valentine 01a at workAmanda Valentine 02 at work

She describes herself as a practising optimist, a hater of the word ‘client’ and lover of the word ‘friend’. And what most interests her in photography is beauty:

I am driven by my desire to pull the deepest beauty out of every muse who stands before me. My goal is to show my audience how beautiful a subject is in my eyes. We are all so capable of beauty… a beauty that can steal an audience’s breath. My job is to find that breathtaking beauty in places no one else has explored and share it with the world.

Here’s some beauty.

Amanda Valentine 03 Rachel DashaeAmanda Valentine 04 Rachel DashaeAmanda Valentine 05 Rachel Dashae

To be precise, it’s the beauty of model Rachel Dashae, who did a shoot with Amanda and male model Jon Mayhem back in 2009. And Rachel is beautiful from other angles too:

Amanda Valentine 06 Rachel DashaeAmanda Valentine 07 Rachel DashaeAmanda Valentine 08 RachelAmanda Valentine 08a RachelAmanda Valentine 09 Rachel DashaeAmanda Valentine 10 RachelAmanda Valentine 12 Rachel DashaeAmanda Valentine 11 Rachel

Jon Mayhem seems to agree. Because he took this next picture himself:

Amanda Valentine 13 Rachel D photo by Jon Mayhem

Jon is about to be in an even better position to appreciate the beauty of Rachel’s booty. Because, as Amanda points out:

I find importance in capturing the true essence of each subject whilst pushing many of them just before the confines of their most comfortable zones to help stimulate a certain passion being held deep inside of both them … and myself.

And the particular discomfort Rachel experienced on November 14, 2009, courtesy of Father Jon, was:

Amanda Valentine 14 Father Jon

If Amanda’s work stimulates your passion, please visit her website.

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