Photographer of the Week: Heidi Järvi

Heidi Järvi, based in Vaasa in Finland, started out as a painter and illustrator. In 2008, she acquired a camera because she wanted to improve her images of animals – she specializes in horses and dogs. In the ensuing years she added human beings to her portfolio of interests, from portraiture to dreamy fantasy.

Heidi Jarvi 01

The particular fantasy that concerns us today is time travel. In 2013, Heidi shot a series of photographs showing women in different decades of the last century. The model who did the Fifties sequence was pin-up Annika Viitanen, who’s also known as Pixie Lily.

Heidi Jarvi 02 Pixie LilyHeidi Jarvi 03 Pixie

She got herself properly rigged out in period costume for the trip…

Heidi Jarvi 04

… including underneath the skirt:

Heidi Jarvi 05

Which is just as well, because when a pin-up girl travels back to the Fifties, one of the hazards she faces is…

Heidi Jarvi 06

If you are interested in Heidi’s work, please visit her website.

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